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Preparing for Your Surprise Audit


Since planning ahead for inspection on a certain day often means suspending normal procedures, we inspect factories without prior notice. Sometimes we inspect within a week after our most recent inspection.

  • How to prepare for surprise inspections?
  • Treat every day as inspection day.


1. Keep your factory clean and in order.

a) Clean storage areas: Raw Materials, Semi-Finished Products, and Finished Products
b) Clean processing department: floor, wall, workbench, tools, equipment, etc.
c) Orderly: Store products grouped by category


2. Separate kosher from non-kosher

Keep non-kosher materials that can contaminate kosher products in a separate area well away from kosher products.


3. Audit

Make sure the information on your kosher application accurately lists all items in your storage areas.


4. Honesty

Give the inspecting rabbi honest feedback about your daily production situation. Lies will eventually be discovered and nullify your certification.