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Steps to Certification



1. Contact KosherSTAR

Call us on the KosherSTAR Unified National Customer Service Hotline +86-400-0017706 or contact us via the National Unity EnterpriseQQ:4000017706. We will get you started.


2. Submit Online Application

For questions about the online application, feel free to call us.  Any member of our professional staff will be happy to help you. KosherSTAR keeps all submitted information strictly confidential. Call even if you are merely curious how the system works.  We will answer your questions, and you have no obligation to apply for certification.
Click here for an application form.


3. Initial Visit

Our Rabbinic Coordinator will visit your facilities for an initial, comprehensive inspection. This inspection gives us a thorough understanding of your company’s unique features. The Rabbinic Coordinator will outline the procedures that your company must adhere to in order to receive and maintain kosher certification. There is usually a nominal fee for the initial inspection. That amount will be determined before the visit is made, after which you have the choice to proceed with the inspection. After completing the initial inspection, the Rabbinic Coordinator will report back to our Kashruth Commission.


4. Contract

The Kashruth Commission will then determine a program for supervision and calculate your annual fee. The fee structure is based on a variety of factors, including the nature of the production, the location, and the amount of effort necessary to maintain your kosher program. We will then forward to you for your approval, a contract describing your recommended program and the fees.


5. Receive a Kosher Certificate

Congratulations!  After receiving a copy of our fully executed contract, you will be certified kosher by one of the most respected kosher agencies around the world. Mazal Tov!


6. Renewal

To ensure the continued validity of your certificate, one or two months prior to maturity, our customer service staff will notify you about reviewing your application for the next year.