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Why Kosher?

Kosher-certified is the food industry trend.


A quick look at buyers of kosher-certified products reveals vegetarians, Muslims, people with lactose intolerance or allergy to wheat bran – all elbowing their way to the counter alongside observant Jews.  For 35 years this demand for kosher-certified has been surging.  Back in 1994, U.S. News and World Report pegged the worth of the kosher-certified industry at $3.5 billion USD, and today that number has swelled to over $30 billion USD.  According to the annual report of the Integrated Marketing Communication – IMC, nearly 2,500 new kinds of products enter the kosher market each year – a 15% annual growth rate.

Kosher foods go not only to Europe, America, and the Middle East — but also to Russia and Japan, Australia and Southeast Asia. Market studies show that a kosher symbol means a large gain in market share. When faced with two competing products, consumers tend to choose the product which has a kosher certification mark. Consumers believe a kosher symbol means quality. Their belief has led to supermarkets devoting more and more shelf space to kosher goods.  Markets are very happy to introduce more kosher merchandise.


Who is looking for your kosher symbol?

☆ Health-conscious Americans and Europeans
☆ Vegans
☆ Jewish shoppers
☆ Consumers allergic to bran
☆ Consumers intolerant of lactose