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 cRc Kosher - The Invaluable Edge!

In the past several decades the food industry has responded to a dramatic increase in the demand for kosher products. With a 15% annual increase in sales, the total number of certified kosher packaged food products in the United States has reached close to 100,000. By "going kosher," food companies can access this new market base.

Surprisingly, the market is not limited to the Jews who observe the Jewish dietary laws. According to LUBICOM Marketing Consulting, over 10 million American consumers seek out kosher food for a variety of reasons, ranging from health and quality to religious observance. A kosher symbol means much more than adherence to Jewish dietary laws. Kosher means quality.


• Jews seeking to meet their religious obligations
• Muslims who keep the Halal dietary laws
• Consumers insisting on a high-quality, safe and healthy product
• Lactose intolerant customers purchasing non-dairy (Pareve) Kosher products
• Vegans and vegetarians





  • Kosher agencies and consumers throughout the world rely on the expertise of the cRc staff. From New York to Bombay, the cRc logo is accepted by the discriminating of kosher consumers.
    Your company can also bear our trusted cRc kosher symbol.
    The cRc symbol enjoys international recognition by both the consumer as well as by all major kosher agencies in the world. To tap into the $50 billion per year spent on kosher foods, this very well might be your invaluable edge!

  • The cRc's team of rabbis regularly attend courses on food production and related technologies, keeping abreast of the constantly changing advancements in the food industry.
    Our experts are also available to lead in-staff training seminars either at the cRc headquarters or at your company's site.

  • We can save your company time. Our expansive computer database gives you access to information on nearly 100,000 kosher ingredients currently used by our clients and over 300,000 kosher ingredients available from our Universal Kosher Database.
    The cRc has the resources to help you find sources for certified kosher raw materials with their respective Letters of Kosher Certification. These Letters of Certification are at your fingertips.

  • Our dynamic Website is a major tool in streamlining kosher supervision for you and your company.
    With its Client Forms, Online Approvals, Kosher Letters, Company Links, Kosher Lists and more, it's no wonder that people around the globe click on the cRc website!

  • Join the satisfied family of cRc kosher certified companies today and dramatically reduce the amount of time you wait for your product information, ingredient requests and Letter of Certification.

  • By fax, e-mail or telephone, the cRc staff is available to your company around-the-clock.

  • cRc services are competitively priced, and our staff is readily available to provide assistance on short notice.
    We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


    "I have found the cRc to be a one-stop-shop in the kosher supervision industry. Efficient, business-like, with a very fast turnaround time-we have always been able to rely on the cRc for all our kosher needs."

    Bill Bluemer
    Flavor Concepts

    "It's because of your honesty, patience and attention to detail that we turned to the cRc for certification of our fifteen "Mission Foods" facilities . What a pleasant surprise for us when we found out that our cRc Rabbinic Coordinator speaks a fluent Spanish! Magnifico! "

    Martin Sanchez 
    Mission Foods

    "I have had other supervisory organizations in my business, but the cRc is by far the most knowledgeable and adept at taking care of our particular needs. Thank you for being proactive in our plant and marketing needs."

    Tom Condon
    Dean Foods

    "Your feature-rich website has helped us eliminate much of our kosher supervision paperwork. With just a few clicks of the mouse any customer has access to our Kosher Letters online! Thanks for making it so effortless."

    Merle Peterson