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Displaying Your Kosher Logo



Now that you have achieved the coveted prize, how will you display our kosher logo for maximum benefit?


1. Put our kosher logo on your packaging.

See that all products listed on your certificate are clearly marked with our kosher symbol.

If your products have been certified kosher, our kosher logo should be displayed on the front and back of all certified product packages.  Let your kosher customers see your kosher label, so they have miss no opportunity to buy your products. Over 25 million customers take the initiative to look for our kosher label. Kosher customers care less about price than they do quality.  They are not interested in a discount that compromises their health or religion.

Industrial products also need our kosher logo clearly printed on the fronts of boxes, cylinders or packing bags.

Dairy products require special care in labeling with our kosher logo — with an uppercase “D"


2. Put our kosher logo on your advertising.

Put our kosher logo on your marketing materials, advertising, brochures, websites and business cards. Showing customers that your products are kosher certified means they will buy more of your products.