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Kosher Certification Bodies established primarily to provide Kosher Supervision and Kosher Certificate issued And deal with the Jewish Community Relations and so on.Kosher Certification Body usually consists or Jewish Rabbinical Committee or Chabad (Jewish community) components.

An 11th-century certificate found in the Cairo Geniza written by a rabbinical court, testified the kosher status "according to rabbinic law" of the cheeses being sold by a Karaite grocer, Yefet b. Meshullam of Jerusalem. The document explains that the cheese was produced in a factory on the Mount of Olives that followed rabbinic practice.

The certificate reads: "The cheeses are kosher and it is appropriate for Rabbanite Jews to purchase them. We grant this permission only after having made a formal purchase from him and having witnessed an oath he took on the holy Torah"

There are more than 1100 kosher certifying agencies around the world! For a complete list of Kashrus agencies (which includes both recommended and non-recommended agencies) visit Kashrus Magazine Online (or call us).

Recommended Kosher certification bodies are based on the same rules, almost no difference in the certification policy, auditing standards. It is worth mentioning that the current international certification bodies and some of the more authoritative national Kosher certification agencies have joined The Association of Kashrus Organizations(AKO), AKO is a link to a different Kashrus agencies around the world to improve and maintain the highest level of Kashrus supervision of an effective the umbrella organization, AKO in establishing common standards, plays a very important role.


Understanding the Reliability of Kosher Agencies