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The largest regional Orthodox organization in North America, the cRc is a not-for-profit offering a wide variety of Jewish services including kosher product supervision and kosher certification (kosher approval for products). Kosher certification is available around the world and throughout the year, including kosher Passover supervision.

In the past several decades the food industry has responded to a dramatic increase in the demand for kosher products. With a 15% annual increase in sales, the total number of certified kosher packaged food products in the United States has reached close to 100,000. By "going kosher," food companies can access this new market base.

Surprisingly, the market is not limited to the Jews who observe the Jewish dietary laws. According to LUBICOM Marketing Consulting, over 10 million American consumers seek out kosher food for a variety of reasons, ranging from health and quality to religious observance. A kosher symbol means much more than adherence to Jewish dietary laws. Kosher means quality.



• Jews seeking to meet their religious obligations

• Muslims who keep the Halal dietary laws

• Consumers insisting on a high-quality, safe and healthy product

• Lactose intolerant customers purchasing non-dairy (Pareve) Kosher products

• Vegans and vegetarians


Why Choice cRc Kosher Certification?